Brute 360 Sales and Repairs

Hawk Brute 360 rotary floor sander

The Hawk Brute 360 is a professional-grade rotary floor sander that is known for its powerful performance and durability. It is equipped with a 1.5-horsepower motor that provides plenty of power for even the most demanding sanding tasks. The Brute 360 also features a 17- or 20-inch sanding pad that allows for fast and efficient sanding.

The Brute 360 is made of heavy-duty steel construction that ensures long-lasting durability. It is also equipped with a 360-degree dust collection system that helps to keep the work area clean and free of dust.

Here are some of the key features of the Hawk Brute 360:

  1. Powerful 1.5-horsepower motor
  2. Large sanding pad for fast and efficient sanding
  3. Heavy-duty steel construction
  4. 360-degree dust collection system
  5. Ergonomic design for comfortable operation
  6. Durable brushes
  7. Dust-proof motor

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