Do It Yourself

Just cleaning your wood floors with the proper product can make a big difference in the look of you floor. “Squeaky” made by Basic Coatings is THE product. It will not leave your floors looking hazy and dull.

Why not invest in a good cleaner just like you invested in your wood floors.

Thinking about sanding your wood floors?

Consider that you may only need to re-coat. We have the only proven dustless system by “Basic Coatings” on the market to make your floors look like new again.

Squeaky is included in a simple process to renew your floors.

For normal weekly wear on your floor, use Basic Coating Squeaky for normal wear on floor.

To aggressively remove grease, dirt, and grime, use IFT with Basic Coating Dirt Dragon, followed by Squeaky, then Basic Hardwood Floor Refinisher.

About every few years or when you see wear to your floor, try using this system to prolong having not to get your floor sanded:

Use IFT, Squeaky, TyKote, then StreetShoe.

More details about this process are here:

A brief video showing how easy it is to apply Squeaky:

Squeaky Video